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For signed copies of my books, please email me via the "Contact Me" section. I will ask you to transfer $18 via PayPal to or send me a check (Steven Swaks, P.O. Box. 3011, Montebello, CA 91640). Please include any specific name you are requesting for the autograph, your mailing address, and I will be more than happy to mail you a signed copy!

The Devil's Grip: Valaxahr's Seeds
ISBN-13: 978-1519318534


Long before the Stone Falls events, the beast arrived in a seemingly unrelated wave of incidents…


Valaxahr’s Seeds is a prelude to the novel, The Devil’s Grip, The Curse of Stone Falls. It is the first touch of true evil eight years before the sleepy town fell into madness.


The Devil's Grip: The Curse of Stone Falls

ISBN-13: 978-1511574938


Jessica Miller is a sweet high school girl who loves helping others. She cherishes her hometown, Stone Falls, and enjoys volunteering at her church. Some call the small city quiet and even boring at times, but Jessica likes it that way… at least until a series of unexpected deaths plague the fragile peace.


“The Devil’s Grip” is a thriller, an unexpected turn at the end of a summer walk. It is the clash of an all too real cliché, the innocence against raw evil.


6545 Snow Summit Dr.


Moving from California to Alaska, Jim and Terri only wanted to buy a house, until they entered 6545 Snow Summit Dr.


Bu Dong: The Adoption of an Older Child

ISBN-13: 978-1500705398


That Sunday was unlike any other. Little did Lydia and Steven know that adoption was about to knock on their door on a snowy Alaskan afternoon. Nothing would ever be the same…


“Bu Dong: The Adoption an Older Child,” is an emotional true story of resilience, from the very idea of adopting a child, to years after the infamous “Gotcha Day.” It is a saga spreading over half a decade with the ups and downs of adopting a teen and the lessons learned for future parents. If you have ever considered adopting an older child, or if you simply want to enjoy a moving story, this book is for you. 

Publication Undetermined
Alaska! Up North and to the Left

PNS ISBN: 1482692503

He was a newly licensed and inexperienced commercial pilot. She was a physician fresh out of medical school. Living under the Californian sunshine, they never thought life would bring them to one of the most remote corners of the United States.


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