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The Devil's Grip: The Curse of Stone Falls


Jessica Miller is a sweet high school girl who loves helping others. She cherishes her hometown, Stone Falls, and enjoys volunteering at her church. Some call the small city quiet and even boring at times, but Jessica likes it that way… at least until a series of unexpected deaths plague the fragile peace.


“The Devil’s Grip” is a Christian thriller, an unexpected turn at the end of a summer walk. It is the clash of an all too real cliché, the innocence against raw evil.

“From enticing to completely captivating… Swaks boldly went to places I wasn’t expecting to, which was pleasantly daring...”

John Hervey II, writer and producer


“Creepy, suspenseful, and cool all at once!”

Elena Rangel, editor


“Wow! Wow! Wow! I could not put this down–very suspenseful and riveting.”

Priscilla Tjio, Miss Los Angeles Chinatown, 2003



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